Piano Improvisations

I love to improvise on the piano, and sometimes I record my improvisations. They're not meant to be heard as polished music, but hopefully with a curious and tolerant ear. I enjoy art that is entirely unfiltered and without pretense. Since I never have a fully-conceived idea of what I'm playing, I am often surprised by notes or chords that come out. The iterative process of responding to what I hear allows me to explore new musical ideas. Below are a few recordings, but there's a bunch more here.

Impromptu 2.m4a
Impromptu 6.m4a
Impromptu 7: Raindrops.m4a
Impromptu 11.m4a

Emergent Music

Complexity is a beautiful. We can get fascinatingly rich dynamics from a few simple rules. Could the same be done for music? This project explores the possibility of using an agent-based model to create music. Unlike composed music, where a single composer or group agree in advance on what get's played, complex music synchronizes in both time and harmonic space as an emergent property. I've yet to find some rules to produce compelling music, but have at least built a sandbox to test these things out.

Version 1:


Version 2: